She’s so Cheeky for a Commoner!


Disclaimer: The translations you see here will be of the Web Novel. As of writing there is currently no official Light Novel, but should one be released in the future, know that certain details may differ. If you enjoy the story, please consider supporting her on either her Fanbox or Ko-fi linked above! You’ll be able to access chapters earlier when they drop for early release!


This girl claims to love me!? She’s so cheeky for a commoner!

I am Claire François, the heiress to a noble family in the Bauer Kingdom. In a time of social unrest where the kingdom’s commoners have begun to rise up, one peculiar commoner has even found the gall to say that she loves me!

Hmph! Don’t think for a moment that I’ll afford someone like you any attention!
Wha… What are you so happy about!?

Join us for a retelling of I’m in Love with the Villainess from the villainess’ perspective herself! More than just a retelling, She’s so Cheeky for a Commoner! will detail untold stories that could only be shared by Claire! Watch over Claire and see how her feelings for Rei change over the course of the story! Learn more about the characters close to Claire such as her dear friends, Pipi and Loretta, as well as her ever elusive roommate! With the spotlight on Claire, we are sure to learn more about the world and the dark secrets of noble society.


Much appreciate to Inori-sensei for the opportunity to deliver this to you all! Note that it is recommended that you read I’m in Love with the Villainess before starting this series.

Chapter 1 ー Me and the Peculiar Commoner

01. Rei Taylor ー May 25, 2021.
02. Pipi & Loretta ー May 26, 2021.
03. Misha Yule ー May 27, 2021.
04. The Three Princes ー May 28, 2021.
05. Exams (1) ー May 29, 2021.
06. Exams (2) ー May 30, 2021.
07. A Distinguished Noble’s Daughter ー May 31, 2021.
08. Dor François ー June 01, 2021.
09. Catherine Achard ー June 02, 2021.
10. Sein Bauer ー June 03, 2021.
11. Pipi & Loretta (2) ー June 04, 2021.
12. What it Means to be a Lily ー June 05, 2021.

Chapter 2 ー Me and the Cheeky Maid

13. July 26, 2019.
14. July 27, 2019.
15. July 28, 2019.
16. July 29, 2019.
17. July 30, 2019.
18. July 31, 2019.
19. Aug 01, 2019.
20. Aug 02, 2019.
21. Aug 03, 2019.
22. Aug 04, 2019.
23. Aug 05, 2019.

Chapter 3 ー TBD.